Hello world!

In October 2008, Unitarians in Edinburgh called me as their full-time minister. In February 2009 we entered into a Covenant of ‘Mutual Commitment to Ministry’. Together we create the Beloved Community which is Unitarians in Edinburgh <www.edinburgh-unitarians.org.uk>

Several people have recently suggested that I start a blog, to post online my regular reflections for my congregation, if nothing else. Who knows if this will ever take off – so I’m going to start by posting some reflections which appeared in our recently published annual report:

In last year’s annual report I asked that both our wonderful long-time members and our wonderful newcomers be mindful of the needs of each other, and that we work towards more integration of these two groups. During 2011 I was pleased to see some strengthening of links between newer and more established members, and I hope that we can build on this as we work towards our vision of mutual ministry. In 2012 I would like to see an expansion of lay involvement in providing spiritual, social and pastoral care within the community. Those of you who listen closely to my sermons will have heard me speaking on many occasions about Balance. Finding a balance between minister-driven worship, pastoral care and religious education, and enabling other members of our community to take a more active leadership role in these things is a challenge we face together. I gladly limit my involvement in essential church tasks such as finance and building maintenance, because these are not things for which I have a particular aptitude; but find it more challenging to share the load in areas such as pastoral care and provision of worship, which I see as my strengths. In this, I feel I may be limiting the flowering of gifts and skills in members of our beloved community, while I find myself exhausted by taking on too much in these areas. I ask for your gentle support in working towards a healthier balance for all of us.